Badgers are such a magical part of our Great British Wildlife and scarcely seen.  This handcrafted linocut print depicts a handsome chap, his beautiful coarse coat textured by the meticulous handcarving of the lino plate.  As darkness falls he's ready to head out of his secret woodland sett, hidden amongst the wild ferns. He feels inquisitive, ready to run free and explore whats been unearthed by the farmers ploughed fields.  Tonight for this little badger adventure awaits ...


This black ink 8" x 6" 'Badger By The Fern' linocut print is set in a black mounted inlay box frame, frame size measures 11" x 13". This original open edition lino print is numbered and signed by the artist.


Badger By The Fern... Original Open Edition Handcrafted, Framed Lino Print