These Rustic "Sea Houses All In A Row" Driftwood Art piece is inspired by the colourful fishing villages dotted around our beautiful coastline.  These six tiny Sea Houses are all individually handmade and hand painted in subtle tones with a weathered apperance to add character.  Two aged, rusted nails hang the traditional blue and white tiny handmade material bunting.  Set on a gnarled, sea swept piece of driftwood collected from the North Yorkshire Coast. 


This piece will create a smile and bring fond memories flooding back of special times spent at the seaside.  It would give character and charm to any room of your home or make a bespoke gift for a loved one.


This is a unique gift lovingly created from recycled materials made in the Hoot and Hare Art Room in North Yorkshire.  Size approx L8.5" x H 2.5"  FREE UK Postage.

Sea Houses All In A Row (Driftwood Art)