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Lino Artwork

Handcrafted Originals 

I produce and sell original linocut prints inspired by the Great British Wildlife and Countryside. 


Each print is individually handcrafted by me. Firstly, I pencil draw my design then transfer to the lino. Time is then spent meticulously carving and removing the parts of my drawing I want to stay white.  The print being the part of the lino left behind.  Water based ink is applied and the unique piece is brought to life by individually hand printing each design using my Victorian press. 

Signed and Numbered

All prints are signed, numbered and available framed or or set within a white mount and back board.


Each part of the print making process is entirely by hand.  This ensures that no two pieces are identical and there will always be subtle differences in each bespoke piece      


      .... Michael Douglas Carr

water based inks
recycled, acid free paper

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